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How to get referrals for PTC sites

PTC sites are great opportunities to make money for free online. All ptc sites that i know about are 100% free to register, and use. But to get that unlimited amount of cash you want, you need to do it right. I have one word for that: referrals

The normal mistakes
About 75% of the people who register on ptc sites quit after under a week. Why? Because they dont know what i am just going to tell you.  If you click all ads on 10 ptc sites every day, for a month. Then you will make roughly 1-2 $. That is a small profit from a lot of work.
This is the first mistake that most people do. They register, start clicking, see how its not that profitable, and then they quit clicking. I did that myself, a year ago. But i started again, and this time i found the right way.

The ONLY way to make a decent amount of money from ptc sites (10$ and up a month). Is to get referrals.
I guess you have heard it before, but it is true. An example:
If you get 0.05 total from your daily clicks, and you get 50% of referral earnings. Then if you get only 2 referrals you will have DOUBLED your income. And on most sites you can have more than two referrals. Normally you can have as many as you want. When i got a decent amount of referrals, i did some calculations. I found out that my own clicks just was a tiny part of my income. And i realized that it was more profitable to stop clicking ads, and use that time on getting new referrals instead. That way i started earning a lot more money from my sites.

How to get referrals
There are three steps to get referrals. To get the maximum amount of referrals i would do them all.

1. Register on downline builders
These sites are sites where you offer people credits to sign up on your site. You can earn credits in two ways: by joining other sites, or by clicking ads/banners. I prefer clicking ads because if you join sites you will have to click ads again, and in the end you will have a lot of sites with ads to click. So, register on the sites, click ads, trade the credits for a referral. And then you will see that you will get many referrals. And a lot of ca$h.

The best sites of this kind:

2. Making a blog
It is totally free to make a blog at blogger or wordpress. On the blog you should write down all your referral links, but you should have original real content. If you just paste all of your links and overflows your blog with ads then nobody will read your blog. Believe me, i have done it myself. I filled my blog with fake payment proofs and stuff. But now i realized that i have to make real content. With real information that actually helps my visitors. You may say that getting traffic to your site is one thing, but you have no guarantee that people will actually sign up to your PTC sites.
That is true. So you have to think about why and how a visitor got into your site. If your visitor is surfing ads on a traffic exchange service, trying to gain traffic himself i don't think he will read your posts and comment and stuff. He will wait until the timer runs out and he gets credited. I tried this, and i generated like 500 hits to my site from the traffic exchangers below. Do you know how many referrals i got? None, and the day after i got a hit from Google. The visitor from Google was searching for a way to earn money online. So when he saw my site he got interested, and do you know what? That day i got a referral.
This is one of the largest reasons to write original, real content. That is the only way to make your site appear on Google. And Google has over 4 500 000 000 hits every day. So just to recap, make a blog, write posts with original content that actually helps your visitor. And remember to add all your links, and try to make you blog look nice. If you want more tips on getting more hits from Google check these pages:

3. Traffic exchange
Traffic exchange sites are sites where you can either purchase or generate traffic. This traffic can be sent to your referral links, but preferably to your blog. Because then who comes to your blog may become a referral to all your sites $). Here are my favourite sites:

1. LinkReferral
This site is a little different, but its definetly the best one. Here you put out the link to your site, and then you visit other sites and reviews them. If you do this often then the rank of your site will rise. The higher the rank, the more traffic :).

free web site traffic and promotion

2. Easyhits4u
This is a more classic traffic exchange site, here you see a website and then your website gets seen. This happens at a 1:1 ratio. Easyhits4u is a nice site with clean design. You will view sites for about 30 seconds, and your site will get see for 30 seconds.

The best ptc sites to have referrals:

 Read reviews on these ptc sites here.

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